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Garbage Tagging

      The garbage tagging project helps to deliver education door to door to residents around Prince George. Volunteers monitor each garbage zone within the city and place an educational pamphlet on garbage carts that are left outside. The pamphlets offer advice on how to help minimize backyard bear attractants. 

      Bears have incredible senses of smell. Garbage left outside overnight attracts them to the city and can cause the bear to become habituated to human food sources, which can result in property damage, public safety concerns and ultimately that bear getting destroyed.

      Storing garbage securely in a garage, shed, or indoors until the morning of pickup can help to reduce the number of human and bear conflicts in our community. On average 47 bears are destroyed each year in the city of Prince George due to human produced attractants, such as garbage.

      We would like to remind residents that there is a city bylaw in place to support this. It states that garbage carts must be placed on the curb no earlier than 4:00am on the day of pick up.

      Do your part to keep bears wild and our community safe