Northern Bear 
Awareness Society

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Northern Bear Awareness Society Accomplishments

What NBA has done since 2000:

Preventative Education:

  • Schools in the Prince George area have received a total of 360 free interactive elementary classroom presentations reaching 10,400 students.
  • Summer camps in the Prince George area have received a total of 151 interactive presentations reaching 3,620 participants.
  • Canvassing has reached 9,442 homes. 
  • Northern Bear Awareness brochures have been sent to ~7000 homes. Public events communicating the bear awareness message have reached                  ~41,000 community members.

Community Involvement:

  • The Fruit Exchange Program has coordinated over 1,400 volunteers to help put locally produced fruit in the hands of local people.
  • The media has greatly supported our efforts in Prince George. Our 7 radio stations have regularly broadcasted interviews and bear updates; local                  newspapers have published hundreds of articles; CKPG TV annually produces and airs news segments, as well as TV commercials in 2005; and Shaw        Cable has also produced and aired informative clips for us.

Research and Bear Smart Status:

  • The NBA program developed the first human-bear conflict map with PG bear complaint data in 2000. Updated maps are produced each year.
  • Bear-Hazard risk assessments have been completed for all municipal parks, schools, and community centres.
  • Public surveys have been collected in PG since 2000 on public perception of bear conflicts.
  • A bear-attractant tree list has been researched and developed to aid municipal planners
  • Provincial Bear Smart Status research was initiated, contracting Dr. Lana Ciarniello Ph.D., RPBio. (funded by HCTF).
  • Phase 1 of the Prince George Bear Hazard Assessment was completed in 2006.
  • Phase 2 of the Prince George Bear Hazard Assessment data analysis completed, field study, and preliminary management plan completed in                        September 2008. 
  • Phase 3 Prince George Bear Smart Management Plan completed and published in October 2009.
  • Urban Bear Smart Research Project initiated, with two female black bears being radio-collared in spring 2009.
  • Resolution for Bear Smart bylaw passed by Prince George Mayor and Council on June 29, 2009.