Bear Awareness 

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Fruit Exchange Program

In the fall, fruit trees left unpicked are a major attractant for bears.  In Prince George, there are more bears shot in the fall than at any other time of the year.  Most of the bears destroyed feed from residents’ garbage or fruit trees.  Bears require a great deal of calories in preparation for winter hibernation.  Consequently, bears take advantage of human food sources which offer easily accessible high calorie meals.

Any bear that grows accustomed to human food sources like fruit trees is termed food conditioned and often loses its natural born fear of humans (termed habituated).  These bears become a risk to human safety and must be destroyed by Conservation Officers. The old adage, “a fed bear is a dead bear,” is sadly the truth.

If you have unwanted fruit, please contact us. We will gladly connect you with someone who would like to utilize your fruit. 

If you would like to receive fruit, please contact us. We will gladly connect you with someone who has excess fruit available. 

If you would like to help pick fruit, please contact us. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please Sign up for the fruit exchange program below,   or for more information,  please send us an email at  [email protected]   call us at  (778) 281- BEAR or join our Face Book page Prince George Fruit Exchange.

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